Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out my work.

I browse many other photographers’ sites and they always say in the ‘About’ section how they started their love of photography at a very early age and I have to say, I’m not much different.

I loved the adventure of making images, the stories behind them and just thought it was awesome how the camera holds a special moment in time and freezes it for you to stare at again and again. The still image has brought us some amazing moments and moved many people to action, to tears, to laughter, to think deeper.

Before I get carried away with all those great cliches, I must say that I simply liked the craft of it…all the stuff before, that made the image happen in the first place and all the stuff after that made it great. I started in the darkroom, at a summer camp one year. I put ferns on a light sensitive piece of paper, developed it and watched the shape appear before my eyes under that red safelight – I was hooked, it was like magic.

After running countless rolls through my grandfathers automatic Pentax SLR from the 70’s I finally reached the poor things limitations and bought something full manual, entered a darkroom course at Algonquin College, met a great friend, teacher and mentor Ron Devries, enrolled in the full-time 2 year diploma course the following year, loved it, was the last class of the ‘darkroom age’, graduated with honours, moved to Newfoundland where I honed my skills at wedding photography, journalism and art, worked at a rural newspaper shooting all the pictures and writing all the text for a weekly and immersed myself into St. John’s’ art and craft community, moved back to Ottawa in 2011 to start a business in my hometown and here I am, fortunate enough to have you reading my ramblings.

Check the Services section for what it is that I actually do in this photo business and feel free to send me an email if you need prices, or just wanna chat (I’m always up for that).

Again, thanks for coming by.

Jacob Fergus